About Us

Our Mission

We are a charitable trust affiliated with the San Diego Law Library. Our sole mission is to aid us in our efforts to provide access to justice through our many resources and programs. The Foundation is recognized as 501(c)(3) organization established for scientific and educational purposes by the IRS.

Our History

The Foundation was created in November of 1961. We contributed many books and considerable equipment to SDLL over the years. The Foundation has expended over fifty special purpose funds, mostly for books in special subject areas. We sponsored the publication of several books, mostly on history of the local bar, and has administrated grants for charitable purposes.

Message From The President

“The San Diego Law Library is one of the best kept secrets in San Diego.  It is the mission of this Foundation to educate the community about all the things the Law Library has to offer our community and to raise funds to allow its good work to continue.  On behalf of the San Diego Law Library Foundation, I want to invite your support.

The monies we raise will further the San Diego Law Library’s efforts to be the premier Community Center for Legal Information, a place where county residents, businesses, and professionals can learn how to best use the law to access justice, solve problems, and pursue opportunities.

Together we can help our community use the law to its advantage and provide much needed legal education and services to the underserved members of the community. Your donation is tax deductible as allowed by law.”

Thank you for your support.
Maria Pum

SDLL has four locations dedicated to serving all of San Diego County:

Vista, South Bay, El Cajon and Downtown San Diego.

Expert researchers are there to help you find what you need 6 days a week.

Types of People We Help

  • A parent or grandparent fighting for custody of a child.
  • A laid-off employee who is unsure whether she should sign a severance agreement.
  • A single mother who wants to sue a fraudulent contractor in small claims court.
  • The family facing foreclosure or eviction.
  • The entrepreneur who wants to start a business.
  • The small business owner who just received notice of an IRS audit.
  • The inventor seeking to patent a new product and protect her intellectual property.
  • An accused who needs information about the criminal process.
  • The sole practitioner needing access to online research materials or expensive services.
  • Out of town counsel seeking a conference room with on-line legal research capabilities.

Why We Need Your Suppport

Through print and electronic legal resources, education programs, legal clinics and the help of experienced legal research librarians, the law library supports all these people. But like so many worthy organizations, the library cannot do it without the support of community partners like you. The Law Library gets a small portion of Court filling fees collected by our county courthouses and the balance comes from community fundraising efforts of the Foundation.

Facts About the
Law Library

Public law libraries are important because everyone has a right to know the law. Our Law Library was established in 1891 by the State of California to provide legal information not only to attorneys and judges , but to businesses, self-represented litigants and people like you who want to know more about their rights.

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